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Nothing glows more radiantly than freshly scrubbed skin, and well-scrubbed skin that’s free of synthetic chemicals, artificial additives, carcinogenic dyes, and toxic fragrances and isn’t plagued by the irritation of such damaging things certainly has a fresher, more youthful look. Using a natural skin care line can help you avoid those harsh chemicals and gain the fresh, youthful glow you want, with none of the bad side effects. Since the average woman applies more than 200 potentially harmful chemicals to her skin a day and recent research shows that 60 per cent of these chemicals are absorbed into the bloodstream, it’s no wonder that as wise skin care consumers, we’re moving towards using a natural skin care line of products to ensure that only safe elements are applied to our skin and absorbed into our bodies.

Natural Skin Care Lines Are Widespread
A number of products have been developed for the natural skin care lines that can not only be used in the home, but also in the occupational field for protecting the skin from various hazards that may be present at workplaces. For example, Contact Dermatitis can be a serious problem in many workplaces where heavy dirts/greases and frequent handwashing are common. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics noted: “occupational skin diseases, mostly in the form of allergic and irritant (contact) dermatitis, are the second most common type of occupational disease.”

The challenge in industry has been to combine the powerful skin care effectiveness industrial workers need with a skin cleanser or protectant that’s mild to the skin. One notable product uses an emollient that joins with the users microscopic dead skin cell layer to form “glove in a bottle” that, after the workday, can be washed off, ridding the skin surface of dead cells as well as any unwanted workplace chemicals on the skin. Another industrial skin cleanser uses a natural ingredient possessing solvent properties and finely ground Walnut shells as the abrasive cleansing element. So we can enjoy natural skincare the whole day through!

The stringent skin care requirements demanded by workplace conditions carry over to our home skin care regimen as well; wind, sun, heat, cold, rain and snow, as well as such “skin-challenging” factors as beach sand, tight shoes, digging in the dirt while gardening, dishwashing, housecleaning, and so forth. It’s not surprising that product developers have their work cut out for them in compounding a safe and effective natural skin care line of formulas for consumers; after all, skin care-wise, it’s a jungle out there!

The Proper Function of a Natural Skin Care Line
A well-formulated natural skin care line should help to cleanse, soften, and nourish the skin while also exfoliating it, achieving that pure skin feel and texture. There’s products for just about every area of the body that could benefit from natural skin care, such as the face, arms, legs, scalp, hands and feet. One product for the overall skin is body butter, which is a rich, thick, sometimes whipped emollient butter derived from such natural sources as cocoa beans or coconuts that nourishes, softens and enriches the skin. Another popular body skincare product is milk and honey body lotion which uses milk, beeswax and Vitamin E to soften skin and honey, a natural humectant, to moisturize it. Your body will feel revitalized and pampered after a treatment with these natural skin care products!

Our hands are our main contact with every manner of possible irritant or contamination, so any natural skincare product line claiming to benefit them must have ingredients with great protective and healing properties. A good natural skin care hand lotion should have botanical extracts that do such things as boosting collagen production and improving circulation as well as encouraging cell regeneration and offer antiseptic as well as analgesic care to our beleaguered hands.

Let’s not forget our feet, the part of our body that s as our anchor and bears our weight for so many hours a day; they have unique skin care requirements and so it’s vital that only the most effective natural skin care ingredients are used for their maintenance. We don’t want our feet to feel oily or slippery, yet the ingredients must deeply nourish and nurture them by helping to regulate and improve circulation to our feet, not only enhancing the way that they feel and look, but also fighting any bacterial and fungal infections and helping with that burning itchy feeling our feet may experience.

To paraphrase a popular soap advert, “For all your thousand body parts,” let a natural skin care line take care of each and every one of them!
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