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The care of the skin of small children is almost entirely the responsibility of parents or other caregivers. Although after early babyhood has passed the skin of most children has significant layer of fatty “padding” which makes for a beautiful smooth appearance that’s often described as showing “purity” and the stratum corneum is functioning effectively enough to leave the skin is very well hydrated, parents cannot be complacent in their child’s skin care. For example, even though the young skin doesn’t need a moisturizing agent unless there is a pathological skin problem, such as eczema, regular protection against the effects of sun exposure should begin early on. Proactive parental participation in their children’s skin care pays dividends to both over the following years, even though by and large, those children's skin is probably the healthiest skin they’ll ever see.

Safer Care for Your Babies with Natural Skin Care Products
It is believed that the percentage of newborn babies suffering from various types of skin problems within the first few months after birth do so because of the products that are used to purportedly soften, clean, and moisturize their skin. Knowing this, many wise parents hesitate buying commercial baby skin care products and alternatively go their own way and use natural baby skin care products.

From bubble baths to baby powders, shower shampoos to lotions, almost all the commercial products for baby and children’s skin care advertised on mainstream media contain chemicals that are very dangerous to young tender skin, and it’s even worse when they’re exposed to these products two to four times in a day as the parents change their diapers, clean and bathe them. So coming to the parents rescue, we now have many companies producing natural baby skin care products.

These products, usually made from pure ingredients, are the best solution for newborn babies’ skin as they’re often handmade free of chemical oils, preservatives and such additives as petroleum jelly. Since women gravitate to the fragrance generated by perfume-laden products, skin care companies don't have much motivation to take these problematic ingredients out, meaning the mother and consumer needs to pay attention to this issue as an advocate for her child, and choose fragrance-free and color-free products whenever possible.

Wash Cycle; Natural Baby Skin Care Bath Products
Two commonly used natural baby skin care products are hair shampoo and body lotion. Hair shampoos used for babies must differ from one to another according to the amount of hair a baby may have and the characteristics of their scalp, so usually there must be several appropriate choices available for parents to use.

The wrong choice of shampoo could result in scalp problems or even hair loss for your baby. Generally, most natural baby skin care products contain gentle and safe ingredients, such as coconut oil, soy protein, herbs and mild natural preservatives from plants, and they don’t contain heavy chemicals like imidazolidinyl urea and parabens that are widely used in commercial baby skin care products.

For baths, most of the commercial products are made of synthetic moisturizers that can leave baby’s tender skin dry and cracked. Natural baby skin care products avoid this by using natural ingredients, including lavender oil, calendula, olive, coconut, palm oil and water.

For the Fluff and Fold part; Natural after Bath Products
After baby’s clean bath with all-natural baby skin care products, many parents powder and apply a soothing lotion to their babies. The commercial talc-based baby powders can cause problems for young, tender skin, such as rashes, irritation, and even allergic reactions. To avoid this occurring, natural baby skin care powders are the alternative as they normally contain nothing stronger than natural bentonite clay and other mild non-carcinogenic natural ingredients.
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