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You wouldnít take off a cast before the bone was healed, would you? Well, when treating your skin, which is the largest organ of the body, if you use a harsh, chemical filled remedy on it, you could very well be re-injuring yourself. The body has enough stress healing its wounds without fighting off an invasion of chemicals, dyes and fragrance. Using natural skin care healing remedies, such as aloe on burns, or witch hazel for antiseptics, wonít challenge the body to resist its healing. Investigate natural skin care healing before you spray on that stinging antiseptic spray, the results may surprise you

Natural Skin Care Healing Ingredients
Our skin provides protection for our skeletal system, internal organs and muscles. Additionally, it is the first line of defense against infections. The skin is also a complex temperature regulating system that under hot conditions generates perspiration which in turn evaporates; this evaporation process maintains our bodyís temperature.

In addition, our skin has the capacity to absorb substances that are good for us, as well as those detrimental to our health. Some skin care products used today contain harmful additives and unnatural ingredients that can cause adverse side affects and damage the structure of the skin. Also, with the capability of the skin to absorb whateverís put on it, these toxins enter into the bloodstream and affect other organs of the body.

In the light of this knowledge, itís important that we lavish our skin with natural skin care healing ingredients and products that replenish and nurture our skin. Therefore, itís important to understand what your current health care product contains and what you should look for in a natural skin care healing product.

What's In Your Current Skin Care Product?
When purchasing a skin care product, itís advisable to review what ingredients the mixture is blended with. Most skin care products begin with an ingredient of mineral oil, whose texture is thick; this consistency proves to be counterproductive, clogging the pores of the skin and causing it to be irritated. Thatís not the only harmful ingredient used in commercial skin care products; thereís many others.

However, natural skin care healing products containing natural ingredients, such as oils from natural herbs or flowers, are beneficial. These natural skin care healing products, made from this lighter oil, allow the skin to absorb the wholesome nutrients.

Healing Benefits of Some Common Herbs
A common herb contained in natural skin care healing products is aloe vera which refreshes skin that has been damaged by direct exposure to the sun, and inhibits scarring and wrinkling by encouraging cell reproduction.

Another beneficial herb found in natural skin care healing products is chamomile; itís not only used as blend for tea, but when applied as a natural skin care ingredient will stimulate the natural healing process, decrease redness and puffiness and will make the skin soft.

Lavender is also a healing herb thatís blended into a natural skin care healing products. Lavender stimulates healing of the skin, especially in cases where the skin has imperfections. Additionally, lavender has a soothing effect upon burned areas of the skin.

One herb that stands out from many is the rose. This herb, found in many natural skin care healing products, makes for a mixture that provides a soothing effect upon the skin. Also the rose herb purifies and cleanses the skin as well as providing moisture.
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