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Our skin, the largest organ of the body and sometimes called the ďthird kidney,Ē is the body's largest eliminative organ after the liver. Everyone has a different type of skin, oily, dry, sensitive, or some combination of those types so no one natural skin care product will work universally, which is why itís good to try a variety of representative natural skin care samples. Using a sample will let you experience a particular productís effects on your skin before spending your hard-earned money on something that may or may not work for your particular skin type. Most natural skin care product manufacturers and many vendors understand this and offer product samples gratis to potential users.

Two Typical Natural Skin Care Sample Needs
Often, we take shopping for products for our skin for granted. However, it can be challenging to buy not only quality skin care products, but the correct one, as well. When thereís so many options available, all the varieties being marketed can make the whole experience just a little daunting. A good way to start is to pinpoint your specific skin characteristics; doing this can narrow the playing field down two considerably. A few good rules of thumb are to read the ingredients in any skin care product, be aware of any chemicals, colorings and fragrances in your skin care products and try to keep your skin care products as natural as possible. Letís look at two specific skin conditions: oily skin and sensitive skin.

This critical role, as part of our body’s health, requires that we nurture our skin and provide for its care. Part of that care is the exfoliation of the skin, removal of the dead cells, providing the proper nutrients and restoring the needed moisture. Because each of us is unique and responds differently to different skin care products, a good way to determine our specific needs is through a natural skin care sample. A natural skin care sample will provide sample products that are geared to our own specific skin conditions. Two of these specific skin conditions include oily and sensitive skin.

Natural Skin Care Sample for Oily Skin
Oily skin is characterized by skin that is shiny, dense, lacking luster and is susceptible to blackheads and acne. Although this is due to excessive activity of the sebaceous glands and their overproduction of oil, oily skin can be experienced due to many factors, such as heredity, diet, weather, hormones, and even stress.

There are many natural skin care sample products that can be tested for their effectiveness on your oily skin. Such natural skin care samples would include products with a cucumber ingredient, rosemary and a witch hazel combination, an aloe and clay scrub mask and a specially formulated face cream. One recent product prevents only excess skin oil from being released, is 100% all natural and has minimal side effects. Another uses the natural astringent power of the rosemary extract noted above in a dual-action toner that not only removes dead skin cells but also excess oil. Testing the claimed effectiveness of these on your oily skin will answer any questions you may have by observing the results yourself.

Natural Skin Care Sample for Sensitive Skin
Sensitive skin is a condition characterized by sensitivity not only to cold, but wind, sun, and other irritants. Thereís also other highly sensitive skin types such as Rosacea, Post Laser & Acne. Some people having sensitive skin describe it as feeling tight and others may have obvious surface flaking. Often, on sensitive skin the pores are smaller, which limits the normal flow of skin oils.

For sensitive skin a different natural skin care sample is needed. Your particular sample for this application should include ingredients that hydrate the skin and prohibit the escape of moisture. Many skin care products are hypo-allergenic, however, many of the adverse reactions to skin care products and cosmetics are not caused by allergens; in fact, ingredients acceptable for normal skin may aggravate problems if you have sensitive skin

A natural skin care sample for sensitive skin may include such ingredients as hydrosols of lavender, St. Johnís Wort and chamomile. Some typical natural skin care samples would be an oatmeal and rose face wash, rose hydrosol toner, gentle rose/clay mask, and a light face cream. The rose qualities of the product samples will allow for a gentle soothing action for the skin and the oatmeal ingredient addresses its loss of moisture.
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