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Healthy inside and out; this is the goal of a natural lifestyle, Just as you wouldn’t eat rotten food, you wouldn’t put irritating, or even toxic chemicals on your skin. Natural skin care starts from the inside with a healthy diet and plenty of good, wholesome food that aid digestion. The use of natural skin care is one part of this natural lifestyle that can tip the scales in your favor towards achieving healthy, glowing skin and a healthy, robust body. Many common skin problems can be avoided with natural skin care and a natural diet, too.

Life without Stress Using Natural Skin Care
The skin mirrors the inner health of the body and mind – this well known. Long periods of physical and mental stress creates biochemical changes in the body, one of which is our skin becoming older at a faster rate, leaving us aging unnaturally and having an unattractive appearance

According to the experts, troublesome skin problems, such as hives, eczema, psoriasis and itching, just to name a few, have been found to be exacerbated by stress – either mental or physical. The University of Maryland Medical Center established that the skin becomes clammy and undernourished as an effect of serious stress.

Thusly, one important point regarding the natural skin care is to lead as stress-free a life as possible – both physically and mentally, because the body and mind are not distinctive entities. Whatever affects our mind will impact our body and vice versa, so mental hygiene, as well as physical care, is important in the overall health picture.

Proper Digestion As A Natural Skin Care Aid
Natural skin care is facilitated when proper digestive system function is present. People with problems of acne, psoriasis and rosacea have been found to be have an imbalanced digestive system and many more symptoms of ill health showing up as skin problems can be traced to this bodily system.

Water as Natural Skin Care Aid
Water, in fact, plays a large role in maintaining a proper health of the skin. Most doctors recommend drinking at least five or six glasses a day of pure water every day to help flush out toxins from the interior of the body; this has much significance in keeping healthy skin. Moreover, water helps to keep the skin properly hydrated from within for skin health and a glowing look.

Avoid Excessive Sugar
Excessive consumption of sugar leads to premature aging of the skin at a high rate by promoting “glycation” wherein the protein molecules are damaged by the glucose molecules, form “advanced glycation end products”, which damage the collagen in the skin, reducing its elasticity and forming lines and wrinkles.

Positive Consumption of Fats
Flaxseed oils, walnut oil, cold-water fish, fish oil supplements etc. are some of the necessary “good fat” ingredients that should be included in a healthy diet to promote healthy skin. These essential fats make up cell membranes, hormones and certain body chemicals.
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