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Remember the preserved frog that you dissected in biology class? Perhaps you can still smell the formaldehyde used to keep the hapless creature from decaying; don’t you think your skin deserves better? If you look at the chemical ingredients in some commercial skin care products, it seems as if science wants to increase our lifespan by plasticizing us! If the big chemical manufacturers had their way, we would become living lab experiments, as their toxic potions pickled us, just like the poor frog mentioned above! Greenpeace says the following: “many products we use in everyday life, from shower gel to T-shirts and even children's toys, contain harmful artificial chemicals…..the use, and release of many synthetic chemicals are now widely recognized as a global threat to human health and the environment.” So it’s obvious that as wise consumers, we want only authentic natural skin care products.

Enter The World Of Natural Skincare
People sometimes prefer surgical procedures to augment the appearance of their skin, and in extreme situations, this may be the proper method for effective results, but for most of our skin care issues the world of natural skincare products makes for a good choice, being affordable and safe as well as increasingly effective through continual research and testing by literally hundreds of labs. After all, why consider plastic or augmentation surgery, Botox injections and the like, when today’s carefully-formulated natural skin care products are available?

Many people in today’s fast-paced world look for instant solutions to their problems; skin care issues are no different. Instead of seeking instant gratification through the surgeon’s scalpel or the clinician’s syringe, heed the physicians, cosmetologists and estheticians who’re leaning towards recommending more patient and measured remedies using natural skincare solutions that can offer a wider variety of choices in moderately treating a skincare issue. Consult those experts first before you head off to seek a surgical, instant option. The likelihood is slim that a skincare procedure involving surgery or the injection of bacteria into the skin will be healthier than a natural option.

Consider The Natural Edge
Next time you contemplate trying to plump up your lips with Botox or sculpting your cheeks with bovine collagen shots, consider the fact that quality natural skincare products contain no mineral oils, synthetic preservatives or dyes. They’re usually made with only medicinal herbs, high-quality carrying and essential oils, natural emollients and natural emulsifiers. Applying a cream or lotion to the skin will certainly prove less severe than adding chemicals to your skin cells and bloodstream. It’s been discovered that petroleum-based chemicals break down the collagen in the skin and the preservatives used in synthetic cosmetic and skin care products are known carcinogens. Avoiding these side effects of chemicals polluting your body is an additional benefit of using well-recommended natural skincare solutions

Many of us in attempting to cleanse, tone, moisturize, beautify and enhance our skin, have overloaded it, as well as our medicine cabinets and nightstands with too many unnecessary products. Experts have found that a high percentage of women complain of “sensitive skin” and many of these complaints can be traced back to an overcomplicated skin care regimen. In contrast, the needs of human skin are simple: cleansing, moisturizing, nourishment and protection. Skin which suffers from burning, reddening, pimples, rashes and other adverse conditions may be caused by or made worse from adverse reactions to the unnatural products pitched by advertisers. So get on the natural skincare program and see the benefits every day in the mirror!
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