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Go get the oatmeal, coarse salt, rosemary and mint then add just enough milk to get it gooey, and viola’, you have your own natural skin care recipe for a great facial, and it came right from your own kitchen! Natural skin care is growing in popularity, so homegrown natural skin care recipes are becoming increasingly popular as people everywhere realize the benefits of chemical-free skin care products. Some of the many uses for your own skin care creations may be a soothing bath, natural face cream, gentle wrinkle remover or even a stimulating facial scrub. Once you get the hang of formulating your own natural skin care products from foodstuffs and other natural sources, you’ll soon be making some for yourself and some to give as a gift.

A Traditional And Modern Way to Natural Skin Care
Keeping skin soft and supple, as well as dealing with irritated or damaged skin needn’t be expensive as there’s everything needed for your natural skin care program right there in the pantry! As many over-the- counter skin care products contain natural ingredients, go ahead and save some money by going directly to the source. Some of the benefits of using products that we might eat in a meal or have growing in our window planter are:

  • Effective – the natural food-based ingredients in these products, when used appropriately, have been shown to be good in moisturizing, nourishing, astringent, healing and exfoliating applications.
  • Economical – the products used to formulate your own products can be obtained at the local grocery store or plant nursery and a wise shopper can look for sales and other bargains. Some ingredients, such as flowers or succulents can be found in the wild.
  • Safe – If we can eat it, the odds are it’s safe to apply to our skin. Of course, even natural products must be used appropriately; for instance, you wouldn’t apply lemon juice to inflamed skin or to a cut or abrasion.
  • Customizable – if you want a paste of aloe vera and mashed banana, you can make it. Finding unusual combinations of natural products can be difficult. Also, you only have to make what you’ll use or need, thus avoiding the wastage of having to discard expired or spoiled skincare products.

The pivotal aspect of using natural skin care recipes is that these are doubtlessly more effective, they can save you a lot of money, they do not have the least amount of side effects nor do they cause any bad reactions on sensitive skin.

Various Natural Skin Care Recipes
There’s a variety of natural skin care recipes that have been formulated by laymen and experts over years of working with widely available ingredients. What’s proven to be most important is the recipe actually being formulated for the type of skin, intended purpose, and the particular body area of application.

There are hundreds of recipes for you to choose from; a trip to your local library or a perusal of additional Internet information in this specialty will give you endless possibilities. Let’s look at a couple of the more popular ones:

  • Homemade Glycerin Soap – Gather a double boiler, soap mold, candy thermometer, a wooden or metal spoon, a pound or so of glycerin soap, one tablespoon of water and one-third ounce of whatever essential oils you desire. Then place the chunk of soap in the double boiler, pour water over it and heat over a medium temperature until the chunk is melted. Next, when the soap has melted, add your chosen ingredients, such as honey, oatmeal, beeswax and food color. Finally, pour the solution into the soap mold, allow it to solidify and store it in a cool, dry location.
  • Wrinkle Removal Recipe - Mash 1/4 warmed banana until it’s very creamy, then spread all over your face and leave it on for 15-20 minutes before rinsing off with warm water followed by an invigorating splash of cold water. Finally, gently pat your face with a soft towel until it’s dry.
  • Gentle Exfoliant For Sensitive Skin – combine the following: 1/2 cup cornmeal, 1/4 cup milk, two teaspoons baking soda, one tablespoon olive oil and five drops of tea-tree oil. After mixing thoroughly, apply the paste to your skin.
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