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Nature provides a vast selection of natural skin care ingredients that are healthier to use and more environmentally friendly and using these natural skin care products can reduce allergic reactions and skin irritations caused by chemicals and additives. It’s well known that the best cosmetics and body care products are those made only from natural products formulated to work synergistically together without any synthetic ingredients or additives. Such natural skin care ingredients as peppermint, lavender, aloe, ylang ylang and even mineral rich muds can enable you to reclaim your skin care routine and get healthier, glowing skin by using natural skin care ingredients.

Natural Skin Care Ingredient in Skin Care Products
Natural skin care products include a wide range of natural skin care ingredients that are generally extracted not only from the floral section of the nature but also from other natural sources. The world’s most renowned manufacturers of natural body and other skin care products understand their benefit and so have come up many natural skin care lotions, creams, toners, moisturizers, aftershave gels, and massage oils using ingredients derived from nature.

Some of the reasons people use natural skin care products are:

  • Petrochemical (Petroleum-based) ingredients used in many less expensive skin care products are very bad for the skin; they’re toxic and can trigger allergic reactions, causing irritation and smothering the skin, keeping it from functioning properly. Neither do they absorb well into the skin, so if they’re combined with natural ingredients they don’t allow them to be absorbed properly. Needless to say, Petrochemicals also pollute the water and kill marine life. Some of the products that petrochemicals are used in are alcohols, cosmetics, drugs, hair sprays, soaps, lotions, mouthwashes, perfumes, pesticides, shampoos, solvents, toothpastes and lotions.
  • Bacteria can feed on some of the synthetic ingredients in totally synthetic products so a natural product will better protect against contamination of microorganism. Also the artificial preservatives used even in some natural skin care products to extend their shelf life can be harmful in their own right by destroying all the benefits (life-force) of the natural products.
  • Many skin care products on the market today contain numerous synthetic additives that can weaken your body’s natural defense systems; natural skin care product ingredients are safer because, having existed in nature, they’re known to the immune system of the body.
  • People seeking relief from chronic skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis are increasingly turning to "alternative" herbal remedies. Some of these plant-based products, like aloe vera and witch hazel, have long been used to sooth skin inflammation, and there is ample evidence that the Rainforest has, and will continue to, yield a wide palette of botanically-based natural skincare ingredients. As we look for a “greener” way of life, these types of products will increasingly be used in our daily lives.

Natural Skin Care Ingredients Have Useful Functions
Emollient are substances that lubricate and soften the skin. A good emollient gives flexible, smooth skin and gets rid of flaking and hardness. Natural emollients are olive oil, castor oil, coconut oil, avocado oil and other vegetable oils; also Beeswax, Jojoba, Candelilla, and Carnauba oil. Some natural emollient substances derived from animal products are cod liver oil and lanolin.

Humectants keep the skin moist through adjusting the exchange of moisture between the product and the air by enabling the product to gradually release water or, as is the case with glycerine, increasing the waters “wetness.” Some popular natural humectants are sorbitol and vegetable-derived glycerol or glycerine.

Natural moisturizers help balance hydration to lock in moisture and protect the skin from environmental elements using essential fatty acids and herbs to fortify the skin’s natural lipid moisture barrier. Some natural moisturizers use vegetarian collagen which works well and is made from an essential fatty acid base combined with herbs. Plant extracts such as aloe vera and spearmint are but some of the soothing ingredients used in skin moisturizing products.

Aromatherapy ingredients contribute healing and fragrance; one is lavender, which aids sleep, coconut milk soothes dry skin, eucalyptus and pine oil relax the muscles and fragrant ylang ylang, a natural, non chemical-based perfume. Fruit oils, used in shower gels and soaps, also nourish, invigorate and hydrate the skin and hair. One popular natural ingredient is citrus extract to promote skin development; other fruit oils include banana, pineapple, apple and melon.

We desire organic produce and other natural foods more every day, and they’re also is increasingly in demand for processing by the natural skin care product industry as more and more, the synthetic chemicals used as ingredients in many commercial skin care products are being proven to build up on and under the skin, resulting in allergic reactions, premature aging and even more serious medical consequences for us, the users.
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