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Thereís a veritable ocean of lotions and potions, oils and balms all designed to soften, smooth, silken, de-wrinkle, anti-age, lift, firm, and make us look good and feel better about ourselves. The skin care industry is a multi billion dollar industry, in which the advertising is carefully designed to prey on our insecurities: ďIf you donít use our product you wonít get that girl, guy, job, life, car, that you so desperately want!Ē This is the message trumpeted loudly and often in the skin care product marketplace. Young girls wear a particular cosmetic because the skin care industry spokeswomen have convinced them they wonít be beautiful unless they wear it. While the cosmetic and skin care industry can be terrible, thereís so many choices to the point where choosing your skin care product can be more confusing than trying to buy a new car. At least a new car wonít give you a rash.

The Best Skin Care Product
With the multitude of options available to you, choosing the best skin care product involves understanding which ones are right for your skin. Some key points to remember:
  • Trust yourself; no one knows your skin like you do.
  • Educate yourself before purchasing any skin care product.
  • Take into account your skin type: oily, dry, light, dark, sensitive, rugged, fair, characteristics of your pores, smooth, wrinkled, etc.
  • Factor in your lifestyle and habits, such as smoking, outdoor activities, diet, medical issues, and so on.
  • Don’t hesitate to consult a dermatologist or esthetician if you have questions demanding an experienced opinion.

Worthwhile Skin Care Products
AminoGenesis is a scientifically advanced skin care product that contains a proprietary formula used extensively by the health care industry for its ability to help rehabilitate and beautify the skin. Bullie is another menís skin care product developer, with formulas for men that will safeguard and nurture their ski, helping them stay youthful and appear fit. Their formulas employ natural elements that cleanse and protect each masculine skin type.

Glymed Plus is another popular brand offering balanced skin care products. They use a harmonic blend of the nurturing and protecting elements of nature with advanced scientific technology combining ancient and modern skin care systems. Guinot Paris has a complete and technically advanced skincare system so sophisticated that itís available only in those select salons and spas having trained skincare experts

Janssenís skin care and body care products represent a new global approach to modern skin care technology by integrating new and second-generation herbal and marine extracts coupled with biotechnological ingredients offering innovative skin care products to a diverse community of both estheticians and consumers alike. June Jacobís is yet another quality line now available with a complete line of indulgent skin and hair products to soothe, repair, and revitalize the body and the mind. They use only the finest ingredients derived from plant extracts, herbs and botanicals in all their products to supply the most effective spa formulations for the skin, hair, and body.

NeoStrat Company, Inc. is a firm which offers a comprehensive line of professional advanced quality AHA skin care products, which can legally be sold only to dermatologists and plastic surgeons. There is also PCA Skin Care, which has products that provide the most technically researched, results-oriented formulations available on the market today.

A newcomer is Simple Solutions, a company claiming the latest breakthrough in skin rejuvenation with their GHK Copper Peptide Complex naturally firming the skin, enhancing elasticity, and helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
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