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We have become chemically dependant society in everything from our window cleaners to our skin care products; we add chemicals in the form of preservatives and additives to our products in an effort to increase their shelf life or effectiveness. Now, do you really want to put a bleach derivative in your skin? Certainly, nobody would, which is why natural skin care products are now the popular alternative to traditional over-the-counter chemical-laden products. Todayís environmentally conscious fashionable people are using oatmeal as a facial scrub, cucumber slices on their eyes, peppermint astringents and aloe vera gel as a skin softener, appreciating all the while this natural hypoallergenic way to have beautiful, soft, radiant skin without all the chemicals and preservatives. Those preservatives which, by the way, do not preserve anybodyís youthful skin!

Getting the Best Natural Skin Care for Your Money
Seeking out the best natural skin care products for your money can be a daunting and intimidating task, as skin care today is bigger business than ever. If you donít think so, just peruse the skin care product section of your local department store and see how easily you become overwhelmed by both the choices offered and the prices asked. We in the U.S. spend 45 billion dollars annually on skin care and cosmetic products, with 6,000 to 10,000 new products being introduced every year. There are several factors that can come into play in terms of skin care products, and one of the most important things to keep in mind in your quest for the best natural skin care product for your hard-earned money is your particular skin type; so always keep your skin type in mind as you look. Do you have skin thatís more prone to oily breakouts or does it have a dryer disposition that could interfere with the productís effectiveness? Having skin of a certain color could also reduce the effectiveness of a given skin care product or cause undetermined side effects; always consult a dermatologist if youíre uncertain as to what properties your skin has that could cause a problem with a natural skin care product.

Getting the Best Value In Skincare
Often, the best natural skin care product for you will likely be one that your dermatologist recommends and the hard part can be finding for the best price for that skin product. This can be a challenging task but the highly competitive nature of the natural skin care business will help.

Some ideas are:
  • If it is a prescribed skin care product, see if there is a generic form, or if a non-prescription product can offer you the same benefits.
  • Investigate smaller “boutique” formulators of natural skin care products; sometimes a “mom and pop” company, with their lower overhead, can offer better price/benefit value.
  • Try concocting your own natural skin care creams or lotions using plants, foods, and other ingredients easily available. There’s recipes in your library or on the Web; Craft and “homespun” hobby magazines are a great source of these, also.
Contemporary natural skin care products should combine time-tested, natural ingredients including plant extracts, minerals, and earth and sea substances from around the world and be prepared with the greatest care and use advanced scientific research data in their combinations of ingredients. We must place much importance on serious skin care and it isnít unreasonable to expect the manufacturers to sell us natural skin care products that nourish, smooth, firm, encourage turnover of healthy skin cells by removing the dead ones, rehydrate and cleanse our skin.
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